Making Friends at The Shambles

A new restaurant unfurled itself on the great untapped North side of Seattle. The Shambles, located at 7777 15th Ave NE, lays just South of the diagonal rip of Lake City Way. It labels itself “Seattle’s Neighborhood Bar & Butcher”. Personally, yay to the first part, boo to the second. I am a vegetarian (actually pescatarian) and there is little reason for me to frequent a place that has mastered the art of draping meat on other meat (literally, the first image you see on their site is stacked meat). Not my thing. I do, however, have many friends who adore that very meat draping I care so little for. And, what is a food blog without all the food? I figured that I could easily blog about meat if I had surrogate mouths to report on said meat. And, thus, my surrogate mouths and I went. Continue reading

A Walk in the Woods

I am lucky. I live close to all the things that make life tolerable, and better, things that increase my overall happiness quotient. Restaurants – Thai, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, vegan, vegetarian, pizza, sushi, sandwiches, and all variants of pub food. Breweries and taphouses. Cocktail bars and juice bars. Everything. Not least is the capitalism-free activity of the great outdoors. Across the street, I enjoy access to a park that has lived rent-free in my heart since the day I moved to this incredibly emerald city – Ravenna. Continue reading